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At this moment in the race, it is crucial that Democratic primary voters see and see on the go that the attacks against Summer Lee are lies and Bhavini Patel’s campaign is bankrolled by PA’s richest Republican billionaire, Jeffrey Yass’ Super PAC. Yass, the biggest Republican donor in the country, is an antiabortion Republican megadonor who has spent millions of dollars to bail Trump out of his legal troubles and is the frontrunner to be Trump’s Treasury Secretary. She is also bankrolled by other Republican donors, taking tens of thousands of dollars from the same donors who fund Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Dr. Oz. She was also caught asking Republicans to switch parties to vote for her in the Democratic primary.

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Toomey Donation

Group endorses over 100 Republicans who sided with insurrectionists and did not certify 2020 election results:

Why hasn’t AIPAC endorsed one of Congress’ most pro-Israel Republicans?

Pro-Israel group attacks Lee as bad Democrat without mentioning Israel, or its own support for GOP

Summer Lee fighting back against anti choice republicans

The Voter’s Self Defense System

As abortion debate rages, some Pa. lawmakers challenge their party — or themselves

Irwin Got Rich Overseeing Investments To Oil And Gas Companies

From 2013 To 2018, Irwin Was An Independent Director Of FS Investment Corporation III. [SEC, DEF14A, 10/11/18; SEC, DEFM14A, 8/13/19]

Irwin Earned Over $589,000 As An Independent Director Of FS Investment Corporation III. [SEC, DEF14A, 4/30/15; SEC, DEF14A, 4/29/16; SEC, DEF14A, 4/28/17; SEC, DEF14A, 10/11/18; SEC, DEFM14A, 8/13/19]

In 2018, Irwin Owned Up To $50,000 In FS Investment Corporation III Stock. [SEC, DEF14A, 1/18/18]

FS Investment Corp. III Held Over $193 Million Of Investments In Oil And Gas Companies. [SEC, 2018 10K, 12/31/18]

As A Corporate Lawyer, Irwin Protected Companies Accused Of Witholding Unpaid Wages And Sexual Discrimination 

Irwin Represented MSI Corporation Against A Federal “Job Discrimination – Sex” Lawsuit. [US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Case 2:02cv1380, filled 8/7/02]

Irwin Represented Defendant Advance Auto Parts Co., Inc. Against A “FLSA – Unpaid Wages” Lawsuit. [US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Case 2:00cv1893, filed 9/20/00]

Corporate Lobbyists And Fossil Fuel Money Are Funding Irwin’s Campaign

Irwin Has Received Nearly $7,000 From Corporate Lobbyists. [FEC, accessed 3/21/22; PA Dept. Of State, accessed 3/21/22; Center For Responsive Politics, accessed 3/21/22]

Irwin Received $5,900 In Campaign Contributions From The CEO Of An Oil & Gas Company. [FEC, 12/30/21; Gemini Shale Solutions, accessed 3/22/22]