A right-wing Super PAC is dumping millions in dark money ads into our race to attack Summer Lee to try and discredit her leadership as a progressive Democrat and champion for working families.

These lies are so egregious, Mayor Ed Gainey, House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton, and a >slate of her Democratic colleagues released a letter calling on the Irwin campaign to disavow the smears.

Why? Because they’re scared of Summer Lee and the bold, people-powered coalition she’s built to win real power for working people across this district.

The truth is this Republican-aligned Super PAC has spent close to $3 million dollars in this race attacking Summer – the only elected Democrat and legislator in the race – with racist, sexist ads filled with lies about her record. They’re doing this to prop up her opponent, a former Republican Senate staffer and recent donor to anti-choice Republicans like Pat Toomey. The truth is the Super PAC funneling millions towards these attacks was created by a group endorsing and funding over 100 of the anti-choice Republicans in Congress who voted against certifying President Biden’s election.

This election is about the future of the Democratic party: are we going to cozy up with anti-choice Republicans and insurrectionists?  Or are we going to build a reflective democracy and fight for working families and the future we deserve?

Lie #1: “Summer Lee is not a Democrat.”

The Truth: State Rep. Summer Lee is the only elected Democrat in this race. As the first Black woman ever elected to the State Legislature in Western Pennsylvania, Summer has proudly served as a Democratic State Representative for years, fighting corporate polluters, union-busters, and Republicans in the State House, and winning. She’s the only candidate who has worked for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, she doubled Democratic voter turnout in her first race, and she’s been a registered Democrat ever since she could vote.>

Unlike her opponent, she has never worked for Republican Senators, donated to Republican campaigns, or been endorsed by organizations that also endorse insurrectionist-supporting Republicans.

Lie #2: “Summer Lee doesn’t support President Joe Biden.”

The Truth: Summer Lee is the only candidate running in PA-12 who actually campaigned for President Biden in 2020, played a key role in flipping Pennsylvania blue, and expanded Democratic voter turnout to defeat Donald Trump. There is no Democrat in this race who did more to help Joe Biden get elected than Summer Lee, and she’s done that every cycle for Democrats up and down the ballot across our region.

Lie #3: “Summer Lee doesn’t support President Biden’s infrastructure plan.”

The Truth: Summer Lee not only fully supports the President’s infrastructure plan but has always supported President Biden’s full Build Back Better agenda and in Congress would fight to pass it in its entirety, standing up to Republicans and right-wing Democrats that weakened it on behalf of big corporations. State Rep. Lee is the only candidate running in PA-12 who has actually fought for and won millions in infrastructure funding for Western PA and will do it again in Congress.

A Republican-supporting Super PAC is smearing the only woman, the only legislator, and the only elected Democrat in this race, the first Black woman ever elected to the State House from Western Pennsylvania. They are sure they can buy this election. We won’t let them.